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Don’t put the three major “landmine drinks” into the thermos, or it will damage your stomach and ruin the bottle

       China News Service, December 12th. Taiwan’s "United Daily News" published an article saying that many people like to prepare hot coffee and milk at home and take them to the office to drink in a thermos bottle for a whole day; some people like to use a thermos bottle for Chinese medicine, and they found that The smell can't be washed off anymore. The thermal insulation effect of the thermos is getting better and better. No matter the iced hot beverage, I want people to put it in the thermos to keep warm. However, experts reminded that although the thermos flask has the effect of heat preservation, there are still "mine" beverages not to be put in, otherwise the thermos flask may "wreak out".

  Three types of drinks do not enter the thermos

Mr. Yan, Director of the Chang Gung Clinical Toxicology Center in Linkou, Taiwan, said that the thermos bottle should only contain boiled water. Although the inner layer of the thermos flask is stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant, many beverages, such as milk and sugary drinks, are placed in the thermos bottle. , May use the heat preservation properties to promote a large number of microorganisms in the beverage and increase the risk of acute gastroenteritis.

  1. Milky drinks raise a bunch of microorganisms

Mr. Yan said that milk is definitely not recommended to be placed in a thermos, whether it is "ice" or "hot", people usually do not drink milk at 100 degrees Celsius, and the inlet temperature is usually below 60 degrees. The microorganisms in milk will be killed above 80 degrees Celsius, but people usually wait until 60 degrees Celsius before drinking, and the microorganisms will multiply.

  Not only milk, but also milk-containing beverages, such as milk tea, latte, etc., are not suitable for being placed in a thermos.

  2. Sugary drinks are also the favorite of microorganisms

  Sugar-sweetened beverages are also not suitable. Mr. Yan explained that the sugar in sugar-sweetened beverages is also an environment that microorganisms love very much. Like milk, it will increase the breeding of microorganisms. Commercially available hand shake drinks are recommended to be consumed within 2 hours after purchase, which is the same reason.

  3. The smell of Chinese medicine soup ruined the bottle

  Xu Huiyu, director of the Food and Nutrition Center, said that if the thermos flask is filled with Chinese medicine, it will not be able to completely remove the taste after filling it once. No matter how it is cleaned, the taste will still be there. The main reason is that the "pores" in the thermos have been filled with traditional Chinese medicine. It is recommended that people do not think about removing the taste if they drink Chinese medicine in a thermos, because they cannot be removed.

  Small reminder: tea, black coffee, salty soup, etc. can be put in a thermos. However, if it is tea, it is not recommended to brew the tea directly in a thermos. The tea will release more tannins if it is left for too long, which will make the tea taste bad.

  How to remove the peculiar smell of the thermos?

Tan Dunci, a nurse at the Department of Clinical Toxicology of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Linkou, said that the cleaning of the thermos bottle is very simple. Use a bottle brush. Never use a steel brush or iron brush. This type of brush will damage the protective layer in the thermos and increase Risk of release of heavy metals.

  It is not recommended to fill the thermos with milk, but if there is a peculiar smell after filling, it is recommended to use diluted edible vinegar or dishwashing liquid, fill the thermos with the whole thermos and soak overnight. If you use it in a hurry, you can wash it with water first, then wipe the inner layer with edible oil, and use oil to remove the residual odor and dirt on the inner layer.

  In addition to other peculiar smells, Xu Huiyu said that the easiest way is to soak in hot water and then rinse, which can gradually reduce the peculiar smell after incorrect use of the thermos.


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